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How Hotel Access Systems Boost Security Without Hindering Service

There are about 700,000 hotels worldwide, accepting guests in over 16.4 million rooms. As the travel and hospitality industries are rapidly growing, millions of customers are checking in and out of hotels every day. The interactions between a guest and a hotel are much more than just a business transaction. In an industry deeply driven by brand loyalty and emotional connection, hotels need to have a unique combination of features to keep their customers happy. While security is the single most important aspect of a hotel stay, if it’s too pronounced, it might alienate the customers.


With the increasingly complex needs of the hospitality industry, how can hotels find the right balance between being inviting and secure at the same time?

Easy Come, Easy Go: The Ideal Access System

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Entrances provide the first impression to the visitors to a hotel. Hence, smooth entrance processes are essential to customer satisfaction. User-friendly and secure access to the front entrance, as well as a fuss-free check-in to the rooms, boost brand loyalty and the number of returning customers.

However, as the overnight guests are often far from the only customers of thriving hotel businesses, hotels need more than room keys to manage sophisticated access needs. From conference attendees to diners, gym-goers or spa members, thousands of people can visit a hotel in a day — especially if it’s a bigger complex.

To optimize these processes, hotels must tap into an ecosystem of intelligent hotel access systems: Welcoming sliding doors, comprehensive system of locks, keys, and software with can work in unison to meet the access needs.

Furthermore, RFID & Bluetooth technologies allow hotel managers to control access throughout the property. This can apply to lifts, car parking and other entrances or common areas.

Mobile Technologies to Take Security to the Clouds

As of 2020, there are 3.5 billion smartphones in the world. These ubiquitous technological tools posit new opportunities for hotels to be safer and more user-friendly room entrances.

Many forward-thinking hotel businesses are now tapping into mobile access solutions to future-proof their guest satisfaction.

Using these tools, guests can skip check-in lines and head straight to their rooms. Mobile hotel entrances also save time for the staff, as they don’t have the hassle of managing keys. This way, they can focus on more premium services to enhance a guest-centric experience.

Another way mobile entrances add value to customer satisfaction is that they allow hotels to analyze the data to understand what clicks with their clients best.

Seamless Security For Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Hotels offer significant value add to the global hospitality industry, attracting high numbers of guests visiting for business or pleasure. With the continued development of smart technologies that enhance the guest journey, the industry is well placed to achieve continued growth, customer loyalty and increased revenues.

The hotels that achieve a maximum, yet seamless security are poised to stay ahead of the competition and take advantage of this growth.

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