How Drones Can Take Field Service to New Heights

In 2018, the global commercial drone market was worth USD 5.8 billion, with an estimated 275 thousand sales. The market is forecast to grow by over 60 percent in terms of volume from 2019 to 2025.
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    Bio-Architecture: 5 Stunning Buildings Mimicking Nature

    “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you,” said Frank Lloyd Wright, the celebrated US architect who designed more than 1,000 structures during his 70-year career. Indeed, artists and architects have found inspiration in nature since the beginning of history. However, there’s an increasingly popularizing approach in architecture that not only […]

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    Know Your Architecture: Art Nouveau Architecture and 5 Finest Examples

    “The terrifying and edible beauty,” Salvador Dali described art nouveau architecture, also known as “New Art,” an art and architectural style that emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Europe.  As one of the most expressive and evocative aesthetic movements of modern history, art nouveau emerged as a reaction against academic and […]

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    How Millennials & Gen Z are Shaping the Future of the Security Industry

    Amid the disruption and societal transformations that were brought up by the new technologies and COVID-19, millennials and Gen Z are already dominating the workforce. By 2030, about 58 percent of the global workforce will comprise them. Nevertheless, as members of two generations valuing flexibility, learning, growth, and purpose, millions of these young people are already frustrated with their jobs. […]

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    Exploration With Ethics: Top 5 Trends in Ecological Hotels

    As one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world, tourism accounts for 10 percent of the global economy and provides one in every 10 jobs. In addition to economic growth, international travel promotes cultural exchange, infrastructure development, social inclusion, and even environmental and wildlife conservation. Nevertheless, all these come with an ecological price: […]

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    Know Your Architecture: Neoclassical Architecture and 5 Finest Examples

    “The one way for us to become great, perhaps inimitable, is by imitating the ancients,” wrote the 18th-century German art historian and archaeologist Johann Joachim Winckelmann, encapsulating the core idea of the movement known as neoclassicm.  Neoclassical architecture, sometimes also referred to as “Classical Revivalism”, is an architectural style that emerged in the late 18th […]

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    These 7 Libraries Look Straight Out of a Fairytale

    Libraries are among the best possible public investments. They promote knowledge, education, culture, and community engagement, while also serving as democratic spaces that empower individuals, foster learning, and contribute to the overall well-being of communities. In Haruki Murakami’s surrealist masterpiece novel Kafka on the Shore, this is how the 15-year-old protagonist who lives in a library describes the experience of opening […]

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    Human-Centered Architecture: What is It and How It Makes a Difference

    While buildings fulfill the most basic human needs like shelter and security, architecture impacts the emotional state of any person who interacts with it. Whether it's intended or not, a building can provoke a range of emotions such as belonging, awe, fear, or hope.

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    These 5 Buildings Rocked Earthquake-Proof Designs

    Dozens of buildings crumpled when a deadly earthquake hit Mexico City in 2017, but its gleaming Torre Reforma survived with just a few cracks. It's often said 'Earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do'.

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    Keeping The Water Out: 4 Examples of Flood-Proof Architecture

    Floods are among the most common and destructive natural disasters. They affected more than 2 billion people worldwide between 1987 and 2017, according to the World Health Organization. As floods keep increasing in frequency and intensity due to climate change, flood-proof architecture is becoming an issue of growing importance.

  • Categories: Urbanization

    How Vienna Became the World’s Most Livable City

    In 2022, Vienna grabbed the top spot in the Global Livability Index published by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). For this picture-perfect Central European city famous for its legacy in classical music, baroque architecture, and coffeehouse culture, the top ranking didn’t come as a surprise. “Stability and good infrastructure are the city’s main charms for its […]

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    How to Plan Accessible Evacuation Routes for Office Buildings

    Emergencies and accidents can strike anyone, anytime, and anywhere, including the workplace. The United States Department of Labor includes both natural and humanmade incidents as a workplace emergency.

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    The Future of BIM: Internal Optimization and Interoperability

    Despite different architectural styles, histories, and locations, Westminster Abbey, Cathedrals of Milan and Cologne, the Palace of Alhambra, and Stonehenge have many things in common. They're all iconic landmarks visited by millions of people a year.

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    4 Ways to Prevent Tailgating

    Tailgating, the passage of an unauthorized person behind authorized personnel, is one of the most common physical security breaches. Also known as “piggybacking", tailgating often results from a random act of kindness such as holding the door to a stranger.

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    The Lifespan of a Mechanical Lock System

    Despite the growing appetite towards digital and high-tech entrance solutions, mechanical keys and locks remain the most popular market solutions due to their durability and affordability. Especially in residential settings, they're the most ubiquitous entrance methods and continue to record stable growth.

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    Big, Medium, Small: 3 Net-Zero Energy Buildings

    Buildings and construction are responsible for 39 percent of the carbon emissions in the world. Operational emissions, meaning the energy required to heat, cool, or light a building, account for 28 percent of overall emissions.

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    Ditch the Door Wedge: Here’s Why Fire Doors Must Be Unobstructed

    In facilities with high people flow such as restaurants, offices, or care homes, a closed door can be a hindrance in daily life. Especially following a hectic schedule, one might not always have a free hand to control a door. Even if they did, especially at a time when hand hygiene is a bigger priority than ever, people might be reluctant to touch a door.

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    Navigating for Health: Patient Flow in Hospitals

    Patient flow is the movement of people within a healthcare facility. As one of the most crucial parts of hospital design, a successful patient flow ensures that the hospital can provide the right care at the right time while minimizing any potential risk of transmission of diseases.

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    5 Reasons You Should Migrate to Cloud-Based Access Control

    Recent technological developments in cloud computing have driven innovation in the security market, convincing companies of all sizes to switch from manual or electronic access control to cloud-based ones.