This is How Digitization Will Impact Multifamily Housing Living

The Jetsons, the 1960s futurist cartoon that was made in the US, depicted the namesake family living in Skypad Apartment in the year 2062, in a city called Orbit. The family of four — and their dog — enjoyed a leisurely life in a smart home, complete with a robot maid, flying cars, and other whimsical inventions.
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    These 5 Buildings Rocked Earthquake-Proof Designs

    Dozens of buildings crumpled when a deadly earthquake hit Mexico City in 2017, but its gleaming Torre Reforma survived with just a few cracks. It's often said 'Earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do'.

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    7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Architecture

    While most of the buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) may seem new, the concept has been around for more than 60 years. American computer scientist John McCarthy, known as the "Father of AI," coined the term "artificial intelligence" in the 1950s, leading researchers across the United States to dig into the computer learning for processing equations and theorems.

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    The 5 Different Types of Access Control

    Access control is what allows premises to choose who is authorized to enter when they are permitted entry, and even which zones they are allowed to visit. Dependent on the number of authorized persons, and the number of zones, there are a wide variety of options available to suit any set of security requirements.

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    Human-Centered Architecture: What is It and How It Makes a Difference

    While buildings fulfill the most basic human needs like shelter and security, architecture impacts the emotional state of any person who interacts with it. Whether it's intended or not, a building can provoke a range of emotions such as belonging, awe, fear, or hope.

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    The Lifespan of a Mechanical Lock System

    Despite the growing appetite towards digital and high-tech entrance solutions, mechanical keys and locks remain the most popular market solutions due to their durability and affordability. Especially in residential settings, they're the most ubiquitous entrance methods and continue to record stable growth.

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    The Top 6 Benefits of BIM

    Even though construction remains one of the least digitized industries, the rising adaptation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) shows how easily the right technologies are included in existing processes. From early prototypes in the 1970s to mature models of the 2010s, BIM has experienced a huge development.

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    Digital Car Keys are Convenient, But Not For Thieves

    The first automobile in history hit the roads on New Year's Eve of 1879. Developed by the German engineer Carl Benz, they sported details like an automatic intake slide, a controlled exhaust valve, and a high-voltage electrical vibrator ignition with a spark plug. However, they lacked an essential element that many modern automobiles have: Car keys.

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    From Sticks to Sleek: A Brief History of Doorknobs

    Architecture is among the most imposing and ubiquitous forms of art. It's impossible to avoid getting in contact with physical structures, which are often designed to appeal to multiple senses. However, despite being surrounded by buildings and living in them, how often do we touch architecture?