5 Things You Need to Know About ConTech

Names like FinTech (financial technology), and PropTech (property technology) are widely in use. However, as these multi-billion-dollar industries keep raising their influence on global markets, there's still much mystery surrounding a new member of the "Tech" family: ConTech.
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    3 Reasons to Use Patent-Protected Keys

    Keys respond to one of the most fundamental human needs: Security. They protect homes, safeguard businesses, and fortify privacy. However, if acquiring access to one's most valuable belongings is as easy as a walk to the nearest key-cutting stand, are keys really fulfilling their raison d 'être?

  • Categories: Architecture

    A Peek Inside BIM’s World Domination

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) had its beginnings in the 1970s, as the design innovators from the United States, Western Europe, and the Soviet Block competed to create a software solution to disrupt the architecture. Thanks to this technology, which keeps growing and optimizing itself, in the late 20th century, modern architecture went through a mini-renaissance.

  • Categories: Society

    How Millennials and Gen Z are Changing Cities

    It was the early 19th century when the global human population reached a billion for the first time. Then, in just a couple of centuries, this figure grew more than sevenfold. The world population currently stands at around 7.6 billion. As the globe prepares to be the home of almost 10 billion inhabitants by 2050, members of each generation leave a unique mark in history.

  • Categories: Technology

    How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Construction

    Construction is notoriously a conservative domain. It's among the least digitized sectors, but also one of the most wasteful, generating 35 percent of the global landfill mass. Yet, with the rise of urbanization and population around the world, the need for new buildings, hence, construction, is direr than ever.

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    Why Access Management Software Is Key in Hospitality

    Whether it's a small, independent inn with just a few rooms or an international hotel chain, without the right solution, managing access can be a major challenge. What makes an access control system come together seamlessly is versatile keycard-based access management software that's ready to be integrated with both current and up and coming technology.

  • Categories: Security

    Lock Manipulation: The Most Common Methods and How to Prevent Them

    Responding to the instinct to protect themselves, our ancestors always sought ways to secure their belongings. Archaeologists believe it was Ancient Egyptians who graduated to the first lock from making simple knots using rope or other materials about 4,000 years ago. This was a pin tumbler lock made entirely of wood.

  • Categories: Urbanization

    Top 5 Pavilions to Visit During Expo 2020 Revealed

    Held every five years since the 1850s, Expo events keep offering invaluable insights about solutions for some of humanity's biggest challenges. Designed around the three theme districts of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability, many believe the Expo 2020 in Dubai will be the most ambitious one to the date.

  • Categories: Society

    #AccessForTheFuture: Why We Are Joining the UN’s Decade of Action in 2020

    Humanity is facing a myriad of exceptional problems. Climate scientists, demographers, and development economists have long alerted the world about them: With the rising temperatures already affecting vulnerable communities, climate change is the single biggest challenge threat to sustainable development.