How Universities Can Upgrade Themselves During Summers

Thousands of university campuses have been remaining eerily empty following the COVID-19 outbreak. However, with or without a pandemic, summers tend to be the least hectic time of the year for university campuses around the world.
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    Ultra-Wideband Technology: An Old Idea to Reform Modern Access Control

    Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology is as old as the radio. It was first used in 1901, by the Italian innovator Guglielmo Marconi, who sent Morse code sequences across the Atlantic Ocean using spark-gap radio transmitters.

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    “A Room at the Top”: 7 Women Architects Who Made a Mark on the World

    "Where are all the female architects?" Allison Arieff, a design and architecture writer, questioned in a 2018 opinion piece for the New York Times. "Nearly half of architecture students are women. Why are so few sticking with the industry after graduation?"

  • Categories: Architecture

    7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Architecture

    While most of the buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) may seem new, the concept has been around for more than 60 years. American computer scientist John McCarthy, known as the "Father of AI," coined the term "artificial intelligence" in the 1950s, leading researchers across the United States to dig into the computer learning for processing equations and theorems.

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    How COVID-19 is Reshaping Hospitals

    Hospitals are the most important pillar of healthcare. However, since COVID-19 started to spread globally, their significance for not just treatment, but also for testing and after-care grew exponentially. The medical research community documented that up to 80 percent of the COVID-19 cases might be mild or asymptomatic.

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    Lock Manipulation: The Most Common Methods and How to Prevent Them

    Responding to the instinct to protect themselves, our ancestors always sought ways to secure their belongings. Archaeologists believe it was Ancient Egyptians who graduated to the first lock from making simple knots using rope or other materials about 4,000 years ago. This was a pin tumbler lock made entirely of wood.

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    How Door Closers Can Prevent Fires From Spreading

    Fire is one of the most powerful resources available to people. The civilizations started to grow only once our ancestors learned to tame the fire about 400,000 years ago. This enabled human settlements to move into colder regions, cook, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

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    How Alzheimer’s Care Homes Use Access Solutions for Dignified Care

    very three seconds, someone in the world develops dementia. There are currently about 50 million people globally who have Alzheimer's or related dementia. As the disease overwhelmingly affects older persons, Alzheimer's is increasingly more prevalent in the aging societies of Northern America, Western Europe, and East Asia.

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    The Best BIM Software for 2020 Revealed

    The fact that Building information modeling (BIM) is not a software, has been repeated like a mantra for many many years and is now a well known fact. Nevertheless, since BIM in its practical form is executed using BIM (enabled) software, looking at BIM software is important.