The Essential Winter Checklist for Automatic Doors and Windows

The winter is descending on the Northern Hemisphere, with millions celebrating the seasonal festivities. However, it's not just wellness-promoting energy that can enter through the doors and windows: Without the right insulation and measures, bitterly cold winter air might be the unwanted guests of the winter parties, accelerating the utility bills and causing residents discomfort.
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    A Peek Inside BIM’s World Domination

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) had its beginnings in the 1970s, as the design innovators from the United States, Western Europe, and the Soviet Block competed to create a software solution to disrupt the architecture. Thanks to this technology, which keeps growing and optimizing itself, in the late 20th century, modern architecture went through a mini-renaissance.

  • Categories: Technology

    How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Construction

    Construction is notoriously a conservative domain. It's among the least digitized sectors, but also one of the most wasteful, generating 35 percent of the global landfill mass. Yet, with the rise of urbanization and population around the world, the need for new buildings, hence, construction, is direr than ever.

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    Remote Work is on the Rise. Will Offices Become Obsolete?

    With internet access reaching the farthest corners of the world, a new kind of industrial revolution is reforming the work as we know it. As of 2019, more than 26 million workers in the United States alone – comprising 16 percent of the overall workforce – telecommuted to their jobs.

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    How Hospital Doors Can Boost Public Health

    Thanks to a growing body of research about the link between smart hospital design and excellent medical outcomes, interiors of healthcare facilities are no longer an afterthought. For the reasons highlighted below, the impact of doors and entrance systems on the day-to-day life in hospitals and public health is immeasurable.

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    These Architecture Trends Will Dominate 2020

    Even though architecture's development depends on the turns of the global economy, the way people build houses never fails to reflect the demographic shifts, top concerns, and aspirations. Following rapid urbanization, peaking environmental concerns, and the cultural shift brought by the generational changes, the architecture trends we expect to see in 2020 are no exception.

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    How Businesses Can Help to Achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    For businesses to truly succeed, they must invest in sustainable development and for the Sustainable Development Goals to succeed, business will be the lynchpin of success

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