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    Every Drop Counts: 3 Examples of Water-Efficient Designs

    Water is the source of all life on earth. It’s essential for our health, environment, and economies. However, given its importance, water isn’t as abundant as one might imagine. While bodies of water cover most of the earth’s surface, only one percent of it is freshwater that’s available and safe for us to drink. According to the UN-Water, […]

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    Air Travel is Bouncing Back. Here Are 5 Things Industry Leaders Should Know

    There’s no way to sugarcoat the economic devastation the aviation sector has suffered during the pandemic: In 2020, airlines bled a loss of USD 168 billion. For comparison, this was the equivalent of the gross domestic product of the entire country of Greece in the same year. While uncertainties concerning the COVID-19 pandemic linger, thanks to rising global immunization […]

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    Can Vertical Cities Solve Urban Population Overload?

    By 2050, 70 percent of the world’s forecasted 10 billion population will live in cities, translating into roughly 7 billion urban dwellers, compared to 4.4 billion today. Most of this booming urbanization will take place in emerging economies such as China, India, and Indonesia. Even though these countries boast a vast land mass, they might still struggle to accommodate this urban growth in […]

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    Here’s How to Optimize Cities for Aging Citizens

    Given the unprecedented numbers of older persons in cities, urban areas must meet the changing demands. Our cities must become “age-ready"

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    4 Stunning Examples of Eco-Friendly Hotels

    An estimated market value of USD 1 trillion in 2022 and expected to jump to a whopping USD 8.4 trillion by 2032, millions of travelers are losing interest in resort tourism and favor smaller, eco-friendly establishments.

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    When to Upgrade an Automatic Pedestrian Door

    An automatic door confers many advantages to both the operator and the user, especially if it's manufactured in compliance with strict standards and regulations, including work code, fire safety, accessibility, burglar-proofing, and energy savings. Nevertheless, following years of usage, it might still be necessary to replace it for the following reasons.

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    Sick Building Syndrome: How to Identify and Prevent It

    Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) describes the condition of ill-health one might experience in a specific building. It's a set of medical discomforts that can cause a group of mucosal, skin, and general symptoms that are temporally related to working in particular buildings.

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    How Metaverse Might Be a Playground for Architects

    Metaverse doesn't refer to a single specific technology but a combination of multiple elements, including VR, AR, aspects of social media, online gaming, in 3D spaces. The term describes a vast transformation in how people interact with technology rather than a method.