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4 Stunning Examples of Eco-Friendly Hotels

4 Stunning Examples of Eco-Friendly Hotels

An estimated market value of USD 1 trillion in 2022 and expected to jump to a whopping USD 8.4 trillion by 2032, millions of travelers are losing interest in resort tourism and favor smaller, eco-friendly establishments.

Crown Sydney: First Look at the Sydney Skyline’s New Icon

Crown Sydney

First inhabited by the Aboriginal locals some 50,000 years ago, Sydney was one of the most significant cities in the Western world by the 19th century. Currently home to over 5 million Sydneysiders, it remains Australia’s most populous city and commercial center.

City Pop: The Middle Way Between Hotels and Sharing Economy

City Pop

As the world is getting closer, travel firmly established itself as one of the largest industries in the world, contributing almost USD 8 trillion to the global economy. It employs over 300 million people, which means about one in 10 working persons is in travel.

How Hotel Access Systems Boost Security Without Hindering Service

There are about 700,000 hotels worldwide, accepting guests in over 16.4 million rooms. As the travel and hospitality industries are rapidly growing, millions of customers are checking in and out of hotels every day. The interactions between a guest and a hotel are much more than just a business transaction.