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Working With Limited Space: Flexible Room Designs

Flexible Room Designs

Rapid urbanization means cities around the world are denser and more expensive than ever before. With land at a premium, an urban future where businesses and individuals can thrive will require intelligent, efficient and flexible room designs that maximizes existing space.

How Virtual Reality is Set to Revolutionize Urban Living

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is commonly associated with the gaming and entertainment realm, with users immersing themselves in computer-generated worlds. Yet the technology could play a vital role to revolutionize urban living, with the potential to transform urban landscapes across the globe.

Sao Paulo’s Most Innovative Buildings: 5 Stunning Examples

Sao Paolo

In a city of multitudes, the architectural traditions that characterize the city are far from homogeneous: Sao Paulo is constantly evolving as futuristic designs take their place alongside colonial-era landmarks and much-loved modernist masterpieces.