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The Top 5 Door Hardware Designs of 2020

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“The door handle is the handshake of the building,” says Juhani Pallasmaa, celebrated Finnish architect and the author of the book The Eyes of The Skin, which is considered a classic of architectural theory. “ The elements of architecture are not visual units or gestalt; they are encounters, confrontations that interact with memory,” Mr. Pallasmaa observes.

Much like handshakes, door handles, and other hardware offer a precious first impression and a glimpse into the entire character of any given building. Hence, while they might not always at the forefront of a building’s plan, the door hardware is one of the most crucial elements of interior design. They must complement and flatter the rest of a building’s design vocabulary.

The following door hardware designs reflect what modern societies expect to see not just on their doors, but in all aspects of design: Responsible, enveloped with a sense of sleekness and security.

Back to Nature

As the environmental concerns peak for millions around the world, sustainability is at the core of many door hardware designs of 2020. From wooden knobs to biophilic finishes such as brass, copper, or leather, door hardware with a nod to the love of nature continue to grace the buildings in 2020 and beyond. Likewise, muted and earthy colors, natural as well as recycled materials, are increasingly more popular choices for door hardware.

Old World Elegance

Door Hardware Designs

Especially in high-end projects, many finishings carry antique, old-world touches — and door handles are no exception. Details such as hardware jewelry and custom-designed handles that evoke a sense of opulence in bygone days are common elements of door hardware designs in 2020. However, these doors will be able to combine the perks of the new world’s security tools with an old-world aesthetic by employing modern access technologies.

Silvery Luminance

As people favor different materials and appearances in their homes every year, trends might change. However, a sleek and silvery handle will never go out of fashion — and remains among the top door hardware designs in 2020.

Regardless of the interior design style, these polished, silver-colored handles will match with the rest of the building. Made of high-quality and durable metals, the touch of these handles are poised to communicate a sense of being in the right place.

Ultra High Tech

While some of the designers remain enamored with the old-world looks, there’s an even bigger excitement for futurism. As access technologies have developed rapidly in the last decade, high tech door hardware is the new vogue of future-forward interior designers.

Some of these doors might be able to virtualize one’s handshake with a building — without compromising from a reputable first impression. They may do so with the help of technologies like facial recognition or mobile access.

Bacteria-free Handles

Door Hardware Designs, Bacteria-free Handles

2020 made the world acutely aware of hand hygiene’s importance due to the global spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. As designers and manufacturers cater to the increasing need for products to boost personal hygiene, it’s no surprise hygienic handles dominate the door hardware designs in 2020.

While many material scientists are still working on optimizing self-cleaning or bacteria-free surfaces, any entrance to minimize touch and boost hygiene will likely be in demand in 2020 and beyond.

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