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Why Your Door Hardware and Accessories Matter

Door hardware and accessories

In both fantasy and the real world, doors symbolize a passage — as well as an authority of which person should have an access to a place. They’re vehicles to identify a safe space, privacy, and intimacy.

The Top 5 Door Hardware Designs of 2020

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“The door handle is the handshake of the building,” says Juhani Pallasmaa, celebrated Finnish architect and the author of the book The Eyes of The Skin, which is considered a classic of architectural theory. “ The elements of architecture are not visual units or gestalt; they are encounters, confrontations that interact with memory,” Mr. Pallasmaa observes.

Minimalism and Maximalism: How Interior Design Styles in Europe and Asia Differ

Interior Design

Nowadays, it’s common to see a fusion of styles in interior design and architecture. However, when visiting a home in Europe or Asia, one will often still see specific historical and cultural characteristics. What are some of the popular styles on the two continents, and what are the differences and similarities?