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How Millennials & Gen Z are Shaping the Future of the Security Industry

How Millennials & Gen Z are Shaping the Future of the Security Industry

Amid the disruption and societal transformations that were brought up by the new technologies and COVID-19, millennials and Gen Z are already dominating the workforce. By 2030, about 58 percent of the global workforce will comprise them. Nevertheless, as members of two generations valuing flexibility, learning, growth, and purpose, millions of these young people are already frustrated with their jobs. […]

5 Young Architects Shaping Design in 2020

Young Architects

As building projects often take years and sometimes even decades, architecture isn’t a career for the impatient. Even if architects complete many striking projects, it takes a lifetime for some to get recognized for their work. Nevertheless, the interest in this rewarding career path is on the rise.

How to Design the Office to Attract and Retain Millennials


Millennials, the generation born between 1980 and 2000, are taking the offices by storm. As of 2020, 35 percent of the global workforce are millennials, also known as Generation Y. By 2025, this figure will rise to 75 percent. In some of the advanced economies of Europe and North America, they’re already the largest working cohort.